What did you say you did in the military?!?!?

What did you say you did in the military?!?!?

I don’t know what to title this page. I am hoping it will come to me later. It did see title of What did you say you did in the military!!

I have three brothers, Ron the oldest, Harvey the middle and Byron the youngest. Let me tell you no matter how much time you spend together growing up, you really don’t know them as adults. I will explain this statement.

I have had a major life change in the last 8 to 10 years. Dad past unexpectedly in 2009. I was living with my parents, Yes, I know that Dr Phil would be so shocked!! Then when Mom passed in 2013 the reverse mortgage came due.

I have to say that while it has been a MAJOR life change. Growing up when I should be looking forward to Social Security. You remember when I mentioned my brothers? You should it is at the top of page. HA!! HA!! One of the things I have is plenty of time. I found that I like writing. In my spare time, which is a lot lately. To go along with the writing I found that taking pictures is really fun!!

This is when I stick in the advise that my brother gave me. I know that he was in the military. He also is a photographer – well some years ago anyway.  So I asked “How can I stop the camera from jumping when I take a picture?” His reply was a little unconventional.

“When you are ready to take a picture, take a big deep breath. and exhale all of it!” I can do that!. “Then take a second big deep breath”, Yep, I can do that! Then his conversation turned a, well just say odd. “The second big deep breath let out about half of the air in your lungs.” OK, I still can do that. “Don’t stab the camera, gently squeeze, like the snipers.” OK my mind is just agog with his last statement – What was it you said you did in the military?!? I thought you were an AP – Air force Police.

Well, I hope he gets a laugh out of it. He’s about one of the few people who read my blog. SO RON!!! WHAT WAS IS IT YOU DID IN THE MILITARY?!?!?