Ok, I want to know if any of you have had this happen. PLEASE tell me I am not a bad person for keeping them.

too many

I ordered from one of those really cheap sites on the internet. From CHINA!! I got the first one. Then I got another. I emailed to ask if I should “Send it back!” so what happens, I got yet another one. I talked to my brother Ron, he told me to look on the rim to see what size it was, Come on did you think I didn’t look there?!?!  Ok, I hadn’t actually LOOKED at it. But they are all different sizes. I ordered a camera from ebay…. and that has yet to show up. But when it does I will be well stocked for what ever size it really IS! This is the part where you tell me I am not an evil person. I feel kind of guilty for not sending any back. But I am afraid if I do I will only get more in the mail. So once I get the camera I might just try to sell the others on ebay?!?!? I know I am just terrible.