Me and My Noodle!!

OK, we all know that getting old SUCKS! OK, well if you are over 50ish you know this. I have decided that yes it stinks but sometimes we have to just update our environment. I had found that with my hip I can't seem to get in and out of the truck very well. SOOOOO … Continue reading Me and My Noodle!!


Drivers start your engines!!

I just want to make all of my NASCAR friends and family jealous. The guy asked me if I wanted to get behind the wheel.  I told him that if you put me behind the wheel I can get you to heaven or your destination in 20 mins or less. He said "It is a video … Continue reading Drivers start your engines!!


I think I might be in trouble!! I know the bible says go where I send thee. but I have been in Haxtun over a year and all of a sudden I walked out of my apartment and smelled the stock yards (OK, you know the smell!) and instead of gaging and running back into … Continue reading SMELL