Proclivity… defined!

Proclivity Yep I couldn't think of anything to write so I went out to my favorite daily prompt site. Please don't get them pulled from the internet. You know I would just keep writing anyway! The word that stood out was "Proclivity". Now by definition this means "an inclination or predisposition". If you know me … Continue reading Proclivity… defined!


New animals for the farm!!

Yes, we have new animals (?) on the farm. What are they? Good question. Are they more cows? Nope. How about some pigs (I LOVE bacon!) But no again. How about some nice fancy chickens so we can have eggs? Strike three..... NOPE again. Now I have to tell you that a mere 5 or … Continue reading New animals for the farm!!

Mud not as fun as it use to be…

Remember how playing in the mud and making mud pies? Running at your Mom with your muddy hands? She would run until she got that look. The one that said "OK, fun is over now get cleaned up because YOU are not coming in the house like that!" Amazing what Moms could say with just … Continue reading Mud not as fun as it use to be…

Treasure Shed!!

OK, would you believe that I have been almost consumed with curiosity about a shed on the ranch. Taking my handy dandy pitch fork and shovel, I started digging. Would it be King Tuts Tomb? How about that story on the internet of finding antique cars in an old garage? Better yet the story about … Continue reading Treasure Shed!!