MOONED during the solar eclipse

Sleeping on the job?!?! Nope, just rolling his eyes at his sister….Me.I don’t know how many of you got to see the solar eclipse today. On a farm I was reminded of the old adage that animals behavior during certain phenomenon can be unusual. Being around animals during the eclipse I can say not only … Continue reading MOONED during the solar eclipse


Pooper Scooper

How many of you have ever scooped poop!?!?! No, I am not talking the garden variety of dog or cat or even human poop (Kids you gotta love 'em!). Really, well then today's post will fill you in on what you have missed!! Barns as you probably all know are rather messy. Well, they can … Continue reading Pooper Scooper

Mushrooms Gross Content Alert!!!

You know it is time to clean out the barn when.... Well, we have had three solid days of rain here in the North Eastern plains of Colorado. Not to make excuses but the horses that made those mushrooms grow are Percheron draft horses. So big horses mean big piles of mushroom fertilizer! Strange how … Continue reading Mushrooms Gross Content Alert!!!