Brothers and weather

I talked to my big brother in Oregon and he said he was sending us sunshine... this is what we got...   Thank goodness he doesn't make a living as a weather man! Love you Ron!!

Showing My City!!

OK, Note to self. DONT ever ask the store clerk for hamburger. Thinking that it would be good to have hamburger to fix for supper.... Let me set the sceneĀ for my latest embarrassment. We have a little store here. They have a pretty good selection, it isn't a King Soopers or Safeway. But they seem … Continue reading Showing My City!!

Hey World I have It!!

Moxie No, not the winning lottery numbers, not the final four for March Madness and definitely not the style choice of the year! To quote Katheryn Hepburn "I don't know what it is but I have it in spades!" The it that she was talking about was star power. The "it" that I am talking … Continue reading Hey World I have It!!