The plastic cupboard is being taken over by the plastic bag MONSTER, Every time we go to open the door more bags fall out, along with the new ones I am attempting to put in. Today is the day! Plastic bags watch out! The effort of the bags is formidable, but I will rally the … Continue reading DIY… HELP!!

Is it suppose to do that?!?!?

You may have guessed from this blog that I am not very knowledgeable about things that are needed on the farm/ranch. My latest problem seems to stem from not hanging out on the farm enough. Or more specifically the milk separator. If you hadn't guessed from the title of this blog... I am clueless. Is … Continue reading Is it suppose to do that?!?!?

Horse story

That reminds me of a story..... I am going to impart to you a story. I know shocking isn't it. Me with a story! I use to go horseback riding at Chatfield park, Yes I was thinner then. Now the horse would be running for cover!! My brother Harvey use to work at the livery … Continue reading Horse story