A day in the barn

10/05/2017 Yet another update. OK, the black Mom cat it back in the barn. She now has 3 kittens - two black and white and one all black. I am not sure but I think that the reason she was leaving was she was trying to get the all black kitten from where ever it … Continue reading A day in the barn


MOONED during the solar eclipse

Sleeping on the job?!?! Nope, just rolling his eyes at his sister….Me.I don’t know how many of you got to see the solar eclipse today. On a farm I was reminded of the old adage that animals behavior during certain phenomenon can be unusual. Being around animals during the eclipse I can say not only … Continue reading MOONED during the solar eclipse

Milking Team

Day 1 06/12/2017 Milking team day 1 – don’t they look happy!?!?! OK, see the shinny new automatic milking machine in the lower right side… OK, now see the bucket placed under the udder, stealthily held by my wonderful Son Peter Moe! He had to hold it the cow kept kicking (Now we know why … Continue reading Milking Team

Today’s deliveries…

I know you thought we were going to have babies today, so did I. We had a few not as many as they expected but the one that stood out was our little "BULL" he is HUGE as far as calfs go. Harvey said he looked more like a buffalo than a bovine. I wonder … Continue reading Today’s deliveries…