Cinderella City

How many of you remember the "Old Tyme" Photos? I just found a couple of them from probably late 70's to early 80's. It looks like I talked my parents into getting it done too.     Cinderella City, it was the goal of my youth. To go shopping at Cin City! A group I … Continue reading Cinderella City


Connie Paris

If you lived in Englewood Colorado in the late '60s and to some extent in the very early '70s you know who Connie Paris was. Well it looks like the Englewood Police are once again looking in to the cold case. I was about 12 at the time. It was the first really awful thing … Continue reading Connie Paris

What we miss…

My Son Peter and I took his Dad into Lakewood for shoulder surgery. Surgery went well and as his Dad was sleepy we decided to go check into the hotel that he had gotten. It was nice enough, but Peter had been raised in Englewood and had friends he wanted to see - without parental … Continue reading What we miss…