S#!TTY bunch

I guess you are never too old to learn something from the “Farmers Almanac” and the Burlington Home Center! We are trying to start some seeds that will eventually be set out in either a greenhouse or a seed house. But doing research I have learned that now is the time to plant things below ground (Phase of the Moon is waning) and if we start them soon enough we might actually get a short crop before they make it into the ground. So toilet paper tubes made excellent starter pots. Who knew?? If you know me you know that I am not the best house keeper in the world but this time not emptying the bathroom trash seems to be a blessing….OK, I won’t make a habit of it, maybe! I can’t wait to cut these off and start some seeds, green onions, radishes and maybe a carrot or too!! Oh, gees that that mean I am becoming part of the culture out here? I can’t wait to go to the “store” and tell everybody about the toilet paper rolls!!No automatic alt text available.