Story of A Shower


One of my friends was responding to a blog post I made. He was trying to cheer me up. I had been embarrassed by the store clerk. I have to say that one of my favorite pastimes besides writing, is laughing at my self. It set me to thinking of other times I had embarrassed my self and others!

So let’s set the “way back machine” for about 40’ish years ago. When I lived on my own a habit I picked up was doing housework in the nude. (TOO much sharing, I know!) It means I never have to wash cleaning clothes just shower and have done. But when I moved from a little house off of Yale and Lincoln back (AGAIN) to my parents house. I knew I would be giving up my quirky habit.

I had gotten the house as clean as it was going to get that day. I decided that since I had done the bathroom last I might as well get a shower. Yes, in the nude, how do you take a shower?!? Just kidding but Mom tried for EVER to try to give me some sense of decorum. She failed but she sure did try!

After getting out of the shower with a towel on my head, I realized that all my clothes were dirty and sweaty. Thinking with my clothes down stairs, I really didn’t want to put the sweaty ones on again. At least I had a TOWEL on my hair. I wasn’t totally naked! Being in the shower, I didn’t hear the doorbell. Even with it being right out side the bathroom.

Mom had told me to make sure the curtains were closed if,  I was going to be running around naked (remember the towel, not naked, right?!) The curtains were closed. A point that was lost on MOM! Well, I think that point was also a little lost on the minister I came face to …. well, face to TOWEL with!! I thought Mom was going faint, or have an attack of some kind. My quick thinking brain, told me I had one of two options.  Option 1 was run back to the bathroom and wait for him to leave – I was sure it wouldn’t have been a long wait. Option 2 – I already had the momentum and he had all ready see all that could be seen anyway, forward HO!!!. Choosing the 2nd option I kept going. running passing Dad coming in the back door. I guess he was coming in to talk with the minister. His look was almost as shocked as the minister’s expression. My bare feet headed me down to my bedroom in the basement.

I heard voices, and laughter. They couldn’t be too mad if they were laughing?!? MAYBE? NOPE! I heard the door close and my MOM SCREAMING MY WHOLE NAME. “CHRISTINA ALINE MOE! FRONT AND CENTER NOW!” She had abandoned this about the time I turned 21. Well, it was back in force!! She was livid…Thank goodnes for Dad. You have to have known my Dad but I am pretty sure I got my humor gene from him. He started laughing, which didn’t make Mom any happier. I then got a case of the giggles, which I tried HARD to hold back. Mom really didn’t like be laughed at. Dad asked if I had gotten BLESSED since the minister was here and I was already wet.  Mom settled down and said “Did you see his face?” I said “NO! I was looking at yours!!” At that she told me NEVER to talk about it again. Well, as you may have guessed with a family of blabber mouths… EVERY body knew.

Mom and Dad still went to that church until Mom could no longer leave the house. The minister did come down again. Different Minister. Mom told me if I ever did anything like that again… and she just left it hanging. I didn’t want to chance it so I always looked to see who, if anybody was there and that the curtains were closed!