Showing my City!!

Our maternity ward…country style.

OK, Note to self. DONT ever ask the store clerk for hamburger. Thinking that it would be good to have some hamburger to fry up for supper….

Let me set the scene for my latest embarrassment. We have a little store here. They have a pretty good selection. When I asked about a meat selection. I got what can only be described as a smile full of pity. I could see she was trying not to laugh. I should also tell you that there is a meat processing plant right across from the corner store. She lost the battle with her laughter. I really am happy that I had only one other person in the store. He actually acted like he couldn’t hear… I am pretty sure he did! I just hope I don’t become known as the crazy hamburger lady!

The clerk at the store is maybe just a little older than me. But when she spoke I felt about 3 years old. “Well, honey, we generally go across the street.” She motioned across to the processing plant. I know I am not the smartest person in the world, well guess what? Now SHE knows it too. I thought she was actually telling me to go across the street and purchase my little bit of hamburger. She must have sensed my confusion. The next words out of her mouth confirmed it. “We, generally take our beef in on a trailer and out in a package.” Then it dawned on even on my dense intelligence. The reason they don’t actually carry hamburger is because most of the people have their own.

Additional note to self, when you want to ask a question…. think about it first and second and sometimes third!! My city is showing BIG TIME!!!

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