Puppydom – what a pain!!

benjaminMy son got a new puppy. His name is Benjamin. We seem to be having a little trouble with the house-breaking part of puppydom. So when I found another little “GEM” in the hallway I GENTLY rubbed his nose in it at sent him outside. Well, I had to shove him over the door jam. He fell down the steps and started howling…OH MY GOODNESS!! I thought I had killed the poor thing. He started limping over to the gate. As far as he could get from me, now I am really upset. Does he need a Vet?? What is causing him so much pain that he is howling like I tried to kill him? So I holler for Harvey Moe, he comes out of the house and starts walking to Benjamin. The dog gets up and runs…all four legs, Toward Harvey. He sees me and starts limping…. OH MY GOODNESS, I didn’t think the dog was that smart. So NOW the next time I try to punish the puppy he starts limping…..ONE SMART DOG!! So guess who gets a new bed? Just IN CASE!



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