Protector? Really? I don’t think so!!

That reminds me of a story…..

I am going to impart to you a story. I know shocking isn’t it. Me with a story!
I use to go horseback riding at Chatfield park, Yes I was thinner then. Now the horse would be running for cover!!
My brother Harvey use to work there every once in a while. We got to ride for free. Unless it was a “dinner” ride. They would take us back in the park and cook over an open fire and tell cowboys stories. If we wanted a dinner ride we had to pay for the steaks!
One day my Sister-in-law Collette, my nephew Johnny and I went for a ride. I am not sure what spooked Collette’s horse but spook he did. She had a lead rope on Johnny’s horse He was only about 4 or 5, so when they both bolted for what ever reason. Collette was lucky that she was able to grab Johnny and literary drop him behind the horse. I was afraid if he just fell off he might get trampled. After she dropped him behind the horses I heard them coming up from behind at a break neck speed (for a spooked horse that is really fast.)
Right in front of us was the road that ran all around the lake. Collette is screaming and Johnny is crying – So I knew he was OK, maybe not happy but at least OK.. The road has cars flying past. The only thing I could think of was to stop the horses before they ran on the road followed by the lake! I knew my horse was trained well. I stood up on the stirrups and the run away horses went on each side of me, Not one of my brighter ideas. The lead rope came up over the saddle and hit my legs and back. holding my horse by the reins so that he wouldn’t move! They stopped, Collette ran back for Johnny and I am trying to figure out how I am going to sit down any time soon! I was bruised for almost a month but everybody came out fine.
Horse story anybody? Yep, I have another one. Amazing aren’t I!! We had a saddle that had lost the horn. Yes, the little part that sticks up and cowboys tie a rope around. Well, some body must have tied it a little too tight. the little part that was left was just a bare piece of metal.
I decided I was a good enough rider that I could ride with the broken saddle. See previous story about my decisions, not so bright some times.
The horse I was riding decided that he wanted to go back to the barn (Yes, I usually call it barn sour!) Whhen he took off I lost the reins. With no horn I nad nothing to hold on to. The ground was coming up at an alarming rate. Once I hit the ground all I could see was hoofs. Thinking the horse was going to tap dance on my head. Thinking I was about  to get trampled I did what anybody would do. I screamed, LOUD! My Dad came running, my brother decided that he had better see what was happening. The horse actually managed to turn in mid-flight he didn’t step on me. After unfurling from the fetal position with my hands wrapped around my head. I noticed that the pants I had on were ripped almost all the way to the crotch…. Yes the bruising faded, Glad that was the worst thing that happened.