Just holler!!

Well, this I will never misplace!!

I am sure that what ever your living situation you get annoyed at the people you live with. Unless you live by your self and have no one to blame but you. I live with my son, his friends and my brother, who is ranch foreman around here. We all seem to be living on a ranch. You will never understand the cosmic irony of this unless you know me personally.

20171018_131002 (1)
yes, I am the keeper of stuff!

I am the “Where is …?” person. “Mom, where is that (fill in any item here!)?” “Chrissy, where is that (yep fill any item here too)” this from my brother. I reply with the location of missing item. It could be almost anyplace around here. But the one that seems to cause me the greatest of irritation is either the dryer or dishwasher.

Digital Camera
If you don’t know what this is…. it is to wean a calf.

When something is in the dishwasher “they” will find the one item, select it and shut the door. I go looking for something that I know was in the dishwasher or dryer and think (I know a bad thing to do!) that they might have taken the initiative and emptied the dryer or dishwasher or even just say “Thanks”. If the said item is not there I will be screamed at again to think of another location it might be. Search parties will then be called out to find the item. Usually it is right where I said it would be but they just didn’t find it. Sound like anybody you know?


Well I guess my rant is done… I hope you find everything you are looking for. If not just holler!!



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