Antiques and Junque

Antiques and Junque

My winter project. Trying to get ready for spring chickens. Who thinks I can actually do this, hold up your hands. You may not know but my hand is not UP!! If I get this done I want vacation in the Bahamas!! Right!

Have chicken coop, need chickens! Have junque need money! So selling stuff to solve both problems. Live in Kirk, Colorado. We are not the end of the world but on a clear day you can see it from here!

All items cash and carry. No checques!! I see some chicken type stuff, like the boxes. Some other waterers. Chicken wire all over the place. I am going to try to put the dog run around the coop. Keep the chickens in and the coyotes out! I see some pallets – I have seen some DIY’s for pallet wood. I just wonder how handy my DIYs are going to be?!?!?

Can you believe it… me and chickens!! Well, before I can get the little peckers (vulgar but funny!) into the coop I need to get the stuff OUT of the coop! Harvey came up with an idea… make the toilet into a bbq!! I shouted “HELL NO!” I don’t care I am not cooking steaks or anything else on a toilet!! So if you have any BETTER ideas (I mean really how could they get any worse!?) shoot me an email, or carrier pigeon… maybe start a cross breed chicken/pigeon!!

anybody want an old ringer washer? How about redoing your bathroom in mint green!?!? No? well check back and see how we are doing.


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