Peter and John’s first CALF!!!

Can’t you just hear the calf saying “I can do it on my own, MOM!” Pictures are a little blurry but I didn’t want mama to get mad at Harvey who was good enough to ride the 4 wheeler just to get pictures!!


I know that you may (or not) know that I have been watching the cows and calfs out in front of our and John’s (Peter’s Dad) houses. I call it the Maternity Ward – Country Style. They belong to a man that use to rent pasture from the previous owner of the property.

When Harvey and Peter went to a cattle sale In January they got  5 breed heffers. (breeded?! bread?! Those are the females, right?) ANYWAY the first of the cows has had a calf. Peter and his Dad have their first calf. I think it is wonderful. That is why I sent Harvey out to take pictures. I don’t want to make a pet out of their first calf. I am at the computer not in the field in any way shape or form…. but isn’t she CUTE?!?!?

momma and FIRST calf
I am sorry but I see the calf after the first picture doing a “OK, Mom could you give me just a LITTLE help here. I have only been here for a couple of hours.” Sorry tor the fuzziness but Harvey’s safety came before clean crisp pictures.

I have found out that the ear tag notes that this was cow 355


What a name… REALLY WINDY! Is her Dame I guess we should have expected her to deliver on a stormy day!!

OK, she has some good stock (Like I would know?!?!) but her sire might be a little harder to prove.

Good thing these are cows and not people… can you imagine what would happen? Jerry Springer anyone!!


A few of the lucky fathers might include:


Anyone of these studly bulls might be the father. So I guess gene testing will have to be done before they are registered. I can’t imagine what has become of these guys – I am hoping they are still making deposits in the gene pool.

I am very happy that the first one has hit the ground running as you might say. I am hoping the rest of the 4 goes as easily. It is always a flip of a coin weither it will go smoothy or not. WOW!! I sounded like I really knew what I was talking about there! Don’t worry I won’t let it go to my head!!

And last but not least let’s have a big round of applause how about just a big thank-you to the photographer!

My brother Harvey, after the pictures. Doesn’t he look excited? OK, well thanks anyway brother!!