Opera – Manon Lescaut 1987 Denver CO


I don’t know how many of you know that I was once in a Opera. Now this would be laughable if any of you had heard me sing!! It took several years after the show that I tubbled to the fact that I had a modified L on the girls. It dawned on me that it was an Italian opera, Italian MONEY was the lira.

Well, were all “undesiables” being shipped off to America’s wilderness. I hope if anybody knows any of the ladies, let me know!?! Yes, the bottom right one is me… several lifetimes ago. with the original “Girls” hanging out of my dress. Yes, it is on youtube. The address is way to long for here. Just know it was alot of fun. Having hair and makeup done, costumes, and feeling special. OK, enough gushing. Found the picture the other day and remembered it hade been a while…. not 30 years but OH, Well!! The reason the producer didn’t want to use regular “Opera props” is that they usually used ballerinas and they all walk like wadling ducks. Not to complintary to them but a lot of fun for me!!  I think this is the Stephen West guy. I tried looking him up on wiki but the guy on there was black. Not that you could tell under all that make up!!


If you look CLOSELY you might just see a foot – we were walking down the stairs.