My City is Showing!!

Moving from the city – Denver to the quiet town of Kirk has been a challenge. I have heard several times “Your city is showing!” So I thought I might just list some of the ways and just keep adding to the list. I know that some of them are just stupid but some are funny too.


  1. NEVER, NEVER, EVER pop the little “pillow” packing material in the barn with the horses! I never thought that it was that loud. Well, it was. Stampede anyone?!
  2. Wearing flapping clothing when trying to get the bull in – never a good idea, even worse when it is a red T shirt that is about 4 sizes too big. Hence the flapping.
  3. ranching 101 if the gate is open when you get there leave it open. If it is closed when you get there close it. It doesn’t matter if you are going to be gone for 1 second or 1 year…. “CLOSE THE DAMN GATE!” has been shouted at me several times!
  4. running the “lawn mower” blade over sand you have a very dull riding lawnmower. OOOPS!!!
  5. When you come upon cows out of the fence. Make sure who’s they are before putting them where you THINK they should be. If there is a black and white cow born from the limousine (all black) cow…blame me. Well me and the Holstein bull that I put where I thought it would go.
  6. Wave, respectfully, not with the entire hand waving.
    • raised finger off of the searing wheel = Howdy
    • 2 fingers off the wheel = I know you!
    • 3 fingers in the air = How’s the family?
    • now if all 4 fingers are off the wheel = Howdy cousin, how’s your Mama
    • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER take your whole hand off the wheel and wave like an idiot! Yep, I waved like I was in a parade. Lesson learned.
  7. Make sure you are far enough away from the ELECTRIC fence when you lean on the METAL gate. I now know why the cows don’t just run over the electric fence…. ZAPPED!!
  8. The four wheeler. Not a smooth ride. Well maybe if I were a JACKRABBIT!!

Still learning.  I am so glad that the people here are friendly and willing to teach without laughing (well, not out loud anyway!) It makes it easier to ask the really stupid questions. like: what do you feed a lactating cow? Most people here grew up here. We are the newbies. They put up with our questions and even sometimes laughing with us! Thank You, Kirk, Colorado!