Mud…not as much fun as it use to be!!

Remember how playing in the mud and making mud pies? Running at your Mom with your muddy hands? She would run until she got that look. The one that said “OK, fun is over now get cleaned up because YOU are not coming in the house like that!” Amazing what Moms could say with just a look! One of the girls down the street would come and play with me sometimes (I think she felt sorry for me with brothers!) I remember even trying to sell our “Pies” door to door of our neighbors – never had any takers. I wonder why.  And NO my cooking hasn’t gotten any better!!

These warriors gave a valiant effort. I was however the victor!!

These days there is no “Look” from Mom. I can tell you that it isn’t as fun as it use to be. My mud these days holds, among other things, WEEDS!!! I jokingly said the other day “If we don’t get them pulled pretty soon we can keep them and decorate them for Christmas!! The weeds are HUGE!!! I have sent several days trying to get them pulled, at least along the path I take with the milker. Some came easy, some still are holding out! A couple of them seem to be rooted in CHINA!! I will get them…. hopefully!!

Digital Camera
This one is still holding on. I think that the tap root would be into the next county!
Digital Camera
Hold out number two. I even tried the pitchfork. Making sure to dig deep!

I don’t want any of you to think that my efforts have been in vain. I am making some progress.

Digital Camera

Even though there are a few hold outs. Tomorrow we will meet on the field of battle. Once more into the Frey!!

I soaked them with the hose hoping that it would soften up the really hard soil we have here. Most of them gave up with out too much of a fight. I was thinking about leaving the hose to soak on them overnight. But I just know it would flood a pasture or two.

Just to make sure you don’t think this will be an easy mission. Let me show you right across the path…

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Dark forces are laying in wait. Yep, more weeds. Job security? or just a pain in my bum?!?! This Spring when they all started coming up I thought that the guys, Peter, Harvey and John had to have some way of keeping them down. Guess what? They do… It’s ME!!! I have to say that while setting in the mud… literally. I pulled too hard one of them broke and I was sitting on the ground. BUT I had the weed in hand!! VICTORY WAS MINE, for a while. NO there are no pictures of me in the mud – and there had better not be!!

Any of you who have maybe let your gym membership laps? Come on out we can give you a work out!!