Have you ever???

I just saw something on the internet, a cute little picture of a minion asking “Have you ever put something in a ‘safe’ place and then forgot where the ‘safe’ place was?

Family story time. My Mom was famous for doing this. The first time I actually remember it happening was the Christmas that I was 7. Mom had gotten me a jewelry box – you know the pink princessy kind. I remember wanting it but when Christmas came I got an easy bake oven, I think. Well we were moving from the house on Clarkson to the house on Fox and guess what? Yep, Mom found the jewelry box and held on to it thru the move in April and I got it for my Birthday in July. I am surprised that she held on to it that long with out loosing it again. Not that Mom was forgetful…but sometimes other things just got in the way.

I was home, again, when I found out I was pregnant (whole ‘nother story going there). Any way when I started setting up a nursery for my baby I was cleaning out drawers, papers etc. Mom had not gotten any better at remembering where things were. I found three different checks for a total of over one thousand dollars. I asked Mom about it and she said “I just put them away for a rainy day!” Well, the rainy day was here. So I called the issuing insurance company, bank and I think a repair shop. All said the same thing. No the account had never cashed the checks, by now they were stale dated and asking for a re issue I made Dad take the checks to the bank and deposit them.

I know that I would never do something like that. OK, well maybe not exactly like that, OK maybe a little like that. OK JUST LIKE THAT!! There happy? Well, I had a cell phone, amazing what you can loose isn’t it. I remember putting it in a safe place (Yes, too safe of a place!) with out the ringer on. Never did find it I thought I would have when I moved but dang, that place was really safe, from ME!!

New cell phone aside, how many people would think that you could loose a tripod? Not just a tripod but one I spent over a hundred dollars for (back when I thought I had money!) Yep, safe place swallowed that up too!! I don’t know where that safe place is but It could have a hell of a garage sale!!! Just saying!