Gravity won!!

Gravity… what a pain!!!

Gravity like an old boyfriends, just wants to hold on!! I was taking out my trash, it had been awhile so it was heavy. I just started walking down the sidewalk. I know we have a LITTLE slope in the sidewalk. I stumbled I thought I was going to recover and then GRAVITY stepped in. I had left the bin as I was falling. The trash bin slid down the foot or so,

Just as I was thinking, I had it in the bag. It hit me. Literally so now I am sitting on the (sloping) sidewalk. Trash from the evil trash can was everywhere. I am trying to figure out how to get up. One of my wonderful neighbors came to see if she could help. She came in got me a chair and I pulled my self up. God bless Gayle!!
I made it to the trash cans. Ok, now I know how Willie Coyote felt. If your first trap doesn’t work (and they never did!) watch what else is going to come back to you!! Trash bin is now in a time out!!!! I left him sitting on the porch. He can come back in when I feel he has learned his lesson!!! As far as old boyfriends that is another story!