Back in Englewood, our cats loved to climb up in the bump out window. Usually just to soak up the sun. This happened with out a huge fight. This one day I saw “her highness” bump “Jazz” The black one, a couple of times. He looked up once, then laid back down. Along came another nudge. This time He didn’t even look up. we just heard a “Meow” . I thinking it was along the lines of “No, I am too comfortable, and besides I was here first!”

How many times as parents did we hear that response? “I was here first! seemed to be on parr with a legal document proclaiming ownership of what ever. Back seat of the car, best seat in the house for watching TV, oh and let us not forget OWNERSHIP of the TV itself! “I want to watch BatMan” one would say. “But, it is my TURN!” (generally it wasn’t). Mom would come in and say “If you don’t work it out I am turning it off!” From a time when the ONLY room with a TV was the family room.

This was usually enough to form an uneasy alliance between the warring siblings. How much easier would it have been to have a sibling like this, “Well, if I can’t get you to move I will just lay on you!” Jazz actually looked up when Her Highness tried to scoot him out-of-the-way. He looked at her and turned right around and laid back down.

I hope everybody has that one friend, or sibling, that would sleep on your butt rather than make you move!!