Easter lesson

I will remember the parable of the mean and greedy woman who died and came before God to be judged. Jesus was there and he side “You were a mean and vengeful soul I died so that your sins would be erased, but you never believed, never repented, never accepted me as your savior. You must be sent to Hell.” The lady was at the entrance to Hell. “I will accept you as my savior!. I will believe” Jesus asked the woman if she ever did anything to prove that she was a good and honest soul. The lady thought and thought. She finally came up with a charitable act. She began begging Jesus “I did feed a starving woman who came to my garden gate!!” She thought that if Jesus didn’t ask too many questions she would be in heaven before she had to explain. An angel whispered in Jesus’s ear. “Yes, she did give a starving woman, some food” The lady was thinking that she was going to heaven, even the angel said that she had given food to a needy woman.

“What did you give this starving woman?’ the lady seemed to shrink under the question. She had thought that it was funny to see the starving woman fall on her gift of food, She had given the lady a rotten onion. Covered in maggots and dirt. The starving woman asked for water. The mean old woman kicked her and laughed. When Jesus found that the item of food was an onion. He offered her the same – an onion. The woman thought she had pulled a joke on Jesus. When Jesus pulled the woman up by that onion, souls from hell grabbed her and hoped to be pulled from the gates of Hell. As the woman was pulled up, she thought that the extra weight of those souls would surely break the stem of the onion. She started kicking the souls off so that the onion would hold only her. The instant that she started kicking off the souls, the onion broke. The woman fell into the depths of hell.

I guess the short (Sorry not my style!) lesson was that God gave the woman a chance to prove she really was truly changed. The onion held. It could have taken all of the souls. That was the test. Would the old lady offer salvation to others? When she proved that she really was just thinking about her self, the onion broke.

Jesus and the angel wept.