You may not know what Dimples was. It was a paragon of drunkenness and frivolity a haven of drink and dancing. A haven for drinking, falling down and dancing like Ginger Rogers. Maybe becausse most everybody there was as drunk as we were!!

This crowed had nothing on us from back in the day! 

bellyuplong (2)

Belly up to the bar boys…. well actually Belly up to the trough LADIES!!

This line of Mothers has nothing on the Friday Happy Hour(s) at Dimples. It use to be a favorite hang out of mine. I would tell you all about it but I don’t seem to remember them, well not all of them. I will always love the friends I can’t forget in the nights I can’t remember!

I do remember a guy I was dating took me to the Country Dinner Playhouse. Back in the day it was very special. We went to see “Brigadoon” – I think. Well, he was on my last nerve and when it came time for an intermission. I calmly walked across the parking lot and went to Dimples. My haven… at least from the date from hell!! Found friends they made my night easier and I never heard from the date again!! OK, I know you are all thinking that I am a terrible person. But karma cought up with me…. and that is another whole story in itself.