Corn Festival Haxtun

Howdy from Haxtun. Once again the bored and boring of Haxtun reach out to the world via the internet. We are now the proud (!?) owners of a cell tower – just popped up in the grainers parking lot, I only know that now I can get cell service somewhere besides in front of the liquor store. In a town this small if you spend a lot of time parked in the liquor store you get funny looks. But at least now when I am seen in the liquor store they will know it is for Vodka. Something I have become fairly fond of again – OK still.
We have a huge happening coming up on the 24th – can I get a Whoop! Whoop!? No? OK. The festivities out here are called the corn festival. I can say that I am actually looking forward to a couple of events. The fireman breakfast (I wonder WHO they are serving up??) Just kidding none of the firemen out here look like the Denver Firefighters Calendars and most of them are in the over 60 crowd. But I am always up for food!! The other event is the tractor pull, laughing is allowed here. But my Dad always loved antique tractors. I think it was because he remembered using them – and I remember him looking at them so I will be looking for both of us come the 24th.
My cousin and her husband are coming out to spend the night with me – so far this is the highlight of my year. We will be going to see my Son’s ranch and his horses so it will be a double thrill for me. I am not sure if we will be spending the night at the ranch or here in town. I am hoping that we will all be able to catch up.
I guess I will sign off from the town that never wakes and the county that will always catch you for speeding – what else do they have to do?? Hope you all have many adventures and a convenience store that is open past 7pm!!