Gun Control

Loaded topic. Sorry but I think it is important, you know on second thought I am not sorry. I think if you shut it away it will only grow in the dark so let us take it out dust it off and let it see the light of day. On this day - Veteran's Day. … Continue reading Gun Control


Veteran’s Day

My oldest brother - Ronald L. Moe and my friend who sent me this, Kim Tompkins, I got a picture from a friend of mine. She is a Navy Veteran. I am of an age that still thinks it is rather odd to say that. Many women have served, my Mom and her sister were … Continue reading Veteran’s Day

What did you say you did in the Military?

I don't know what to title this page. I am hoping it will come to me later. It did see title of What did you say you did in the military!! I feel safe posting the picture. I have three brothers, Ron the oldest, Harvey the middle and Byron the youngest. Let me tell you … Continue reading What did you say you did in the Military?