Pooper Scooper

How many of you have ever scooped poop!?!?! No, I am not talking the garden variety of dog or cat or even human poop (Kids you gotta love 'em!). Really, well then today's post will fill you in on what you have missed!! Barns as you probably all know are rather messy. Well, they can … Continue reading Pooper Scooper



Ok, I know that there is always that one person. That person who just can't seem to be quite during church. Maybe a screaming kid, or a hacky cough or maybe SNORING! I think at this point I would have preferred any of those.  My Mom always made sure we were QUIET in church. No … Continue reading Church

Evergreen Colorado

I was reminded of a story. Unbelievable isn't it. I saw a herd of deer walking through Estes Park, Colorado. It reminded me of a day when I went to pick up my son from his Dad's weekend, in Idaho Springs. It was getting to be fall and we took the long way to see … Continue reading Evergreen Colorado

Connie Paris

If you lived in Englewood Colorado in the late '60s and to some extent in the very early '70s you know who Connie Paris was. Well it looks like the Englewood Police are once again looking in to the cold case. I was about 12 at the time. It was the first really awful thing … Continue reading Connie Paris

Working Together

Working together. Sounds simple right? When I went down to my Aunt Shirley's birthday party some years ago. I got a lesson. Yep, can you imagine that just when I am positive I know it all...and being modest about it to!! I was trying to jump in and help where ever I could. But Aunt … Continue reading Working Together

Colorado Proud

I spent the first 58 years of my life thinking that Colorado ended at DIA. The last years (Never mind how many!) I have spent feeling like a fish out of water. Yes, I was born to a farmer on a farm. BORN there. Then before I could even voice an opinion, I was whisked … Continue reading Colorado Proud

Here piggy, piggy, piggy

I don't know how many of you have ever spent time on a farm. I know that part of my education had been lacking for the first  - well, let's just skip the age number. We will just say a LONG time. One of the areas that had been taken care of was my knowledge of … Continue reading Here piggy, piggy, piggy