Can you change a tire?

I answered this question on Facebook. Now I think about it, I think it deserves it's own page. So here goes... One more story!! I had a job that the REQUIRED dress code was hose, suits and heels. I had a little red car a Chevy Cavalier. I knew that some of my tires were, … Continue reading Can you change a tire?

Now THAT is Family!!

A young woman found out that her husband had been unfaithful. They had been married for 5 years and she thought they were very happy. They had fights - but what married couple don't? She suspected him when he wouldn't let her see his texts or phone calls on his "business" phone. She didn't know … Continue reading Now THAT is Family!!

Brown Sugar not just for baking anymore!

As we (or at least me) come to an age when Mother’s are scarcer than hens teeth. Hen’s don’t have teeth you say?? Pretty scarce then aren’t they. I wonder how much of what we know is from the times that Moms tried to pass onto us knowledge and all they got for their attempt to … Continue reading Brown Sugar not just for baking anymore!

Whales tails and puppy dog tails…

...that is what little boys are made of. My Son Peter is very much a man now but growing up he had a habit of "Crying Wolf" just to see if anybody would respond. Most of the time I could tell that he was not really hurt or was just being funny. HOWEVER with the … Continue reading Whales tails and puppy dog tails…