Gun Control

Loaded topic. Sorry but I think it is important, you know on second thought I am not sorry. I think if you shut it away it will only grow in the dark so let us take it out dust it off and let it see the light of day. On this day - Veteran's Day. … Continue reading Gun Control


POP Bottle – Disastrous Decision!

Remember when the most exciting thing in the world was a refund on a pop bottle? the days when 2 cents would fill up that little precious brown bag with wax lips, stretchy sugar necklaces, and those little dots on paper that tasted mostly of paper? One day while on the play ground at my … Continue reading POP Bottle – Disastrous Decision!

Bullying not just for kids anymore.

I had the exceptional fortune to be the daughter of a nurse. Not a LPN or AIDE (Both very good nurses!) But an RN, from the old school. The lived in a dorm, took classes the first 2 years, unpaid. They wore crisp white uniforms, white hose, white caps - each one denoted by the … Continue reading Bullying not just for kids anymore.