Brotherly Love

Howdy, once again from Haxtun. I just wanted to share the humor in what I see as a  bazaar coincidence. I don’t know how many of you heard the news late last week that a storm of reported “Biblical” proportions was to hit the west coast of the United States. One news bulletin I saw had Oregon being buried under up to 12 feet of snow and winds gusting up to 100mph.
I have to say that I am a bit of an alarmist when it comes to weather in parts of the country that contain my family and friends. I always seem to expect the worst and pray for the best (Yes, Annelle, I pray!! Steel Magnolias). I called my big brother “Ron” and asked him all the mother hen questions. Are you sure you are safe? Do you have enough food to last for a couple of days? Is your cell phone charged, in case you have to call the police? Some of you may know my brother. I know that he does his best to put up with me. Answering “Yes, Chris” to most of the questions and reminding me that he did manage to take care of himself in the military, and for quite a few years after that. In tone if not in actual words. Still not quite convinced I sat my land line back in it’s cradle. You see I managed to loose my cell phone somewhere. And my wireless phone seems to have died shortly after I moved here – not saying I blame it! I watched diligently the next 24 to 30 some hours to see that the storm they had predicted such dire straights for pretty much came to a big rain and not much else. So that when I called big bro his first words to me were “Glub..Glub!” yep we pretty much got the same humor genes from the family. However while we were on the phone and he was telling me how the rain was all that they got, I heard a huge noise. I thought it was a train – he lives next to the tracks. It happened to be a huge clap of lighting and thunder while he was making fun of me…. I like to think that God was on my side of the argument. Ron told me that if they ever predict “a light dusting” RUN for the HILLS!!!
Now remember that wind I had mentioned that they were suppose to get? Well, just as I was settling in after dragging my laundry back from the laundry room. (I REALLY miss Mom’s washer and dryer!!) I heard the wind pick up – a little. Then, a little more, the leaves that were trying desperately to hang on till the last vestige of fall became flying missiles. Soon the wind chimes seem to have become possessed. The tunes they were tinkling were sweep away before you could hear them. Along with my front porch chair. Now here is where I state that had it been just any old canvas chair, I wouldn’t have bothered. But this chair belongs to my LITTLE brother (Sensing a theme here yet??) Anyway the rather hefty canvas chair sailed it’s way past my window and out on the street. I entertained the thought of just letting it go because MY chances of catching it were somewhere between slim and NONE! But not relishing the tale that I would have to tell Byron prompted me to open the door and hobble down the street after it. I will tell you all that I am not now nor have I ever been an athletic type of person. Nearly 60 years old and running after a chair making a break for it was almost beyond me. To make a long story short ( I know too late!!) The chair actually caught on the fire hydrant and I managed to grab it before it went sailing further down the road in search of greener pastures! Not even the furniture wants to be here in Haxtun!! Anyway the next time you hear a weather forecast for the “Eastern Plains” Of Colorado just hope it doesn’t include HIGH WINDS!!