Apologies to my vegan friends…

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Now out here is cattle country. Beef cattle mostly. But this one had an ornery look to him. He started drooling the minute he got off the truck. We thought it was for the cows that were in the field. But it was for the corn and wheat in the outer pastures. We caught him snacking on the corn and by the time we got to the field, he was half way through the wheat field. We saved most of the winter corn (No, I didn’t know there were more than one kind of corn, well maybe popcorn!) in order to save the crop “Earl had to die”. We saved the corn and wheat and they will be sent to market next summer. The meat that is smoking at this very minute in the tool shed will ensure that the crop is safe!. Earl will be enjoyed at the super-bowl party planned for Sunday. The rest of this ornery critter won’t be snacking on any more of my vegan friends dinners.

Just kidding we got this brisket from the market. I was HUGE!! It looked like the whole bovine was in this brisket. I have learned that the “brisket” is the fatty thing that hangs down in front of the cow. I can’t believe that I didn’t know much about cows (and bulls). I guess we are never to old to learn! I rubbed this brisket down with salt and pepper. Peter thinks that pepper makes it more juicy. I don’t know but I am learning. Now if I can just get a hold of a T-bone steak this size!! WOW!!!