Love of Writing

What a difference a day makes!


Most people run problems in their heads and say “I should have done it this way instead.” “wish I done that.” with writing you can. YOU are the writer of your own story.

I have found that writing is not the problem but finding someone who WANTS to read it is the problem. For example being dropped from both Barnes & Nobel AND for lack of selling. Good thing I don’t have a self-esteem issue!!

Here you will find some stories some made up via the first paragraph, some from real life, and some just for fun…up to you to figure out which!

I hope you have fun reading them, but please don’t pass them around if you know someone who wants to read them send them a link? I NEED some hits to the blog or I might just have to start talking to myself (like that would be NEW?) but if you like the page let me know. If you don’t like the page keep it to yourself?!?!? Just Kidding let me know that also. Any teachers out there please don’t correct my grammar (Or grampa!). I am the worlds worst speller so if you find one of my bloopers….be kind!!


Aline Moe


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