Let there be light!

Ok fess up!!! How many drive after dark?

As secondary question: How many know that our parents are just laughing in heaven!?!?

I would drive them after dark. And yes I gave them a hard time, not knowing that it would come back and bite me.

My son has let me use a car, I am not real familiar with the lights. I had spent more time in the grocery store than I had planned on. I knew that I needed to put my lights on. As I was fumbling around first trying find the switch. Then I was trying to find the right settings. I heard a knock at my window. There was a young man standing there. His question kind of took me off balance. “Ma’m, are you trying to get my attention?” I looked at what was a 30’s BOY, that had asked me the question. I told him “Child, 30 some years ago I would have said, come on down.” But it wasn’t and after I explained that I don’t know about my lights. He chuckled and explained that his GRANDMA had one. Salt in the wound! But he reached in the window and showed me the right setting. I am posting this to say thanks to any GRANDMA that taught children to help, no matter what or who they are.