Old Movies

I love old movies! The pre background music, pre gore and pre color ones. Why you ask? Well, read on. Before the canned background music, you actually got the feel of a scene by emotional connection with the actors. Sound is used to tell us how we are supposed to feel. Before it came from a good actor and let’s not forget the 🎥 camera person. When the actors got a close up they really had emotional range. Now even when the actor is talking there is background music to convey what the movie (ok, and a little bit the director) wants you to feel. With background music you are given what to feel, like a microwaved dinner. Yes, it fills your stomach but the next day you even forgot what you ate. What brought on this landslide of thought? Last night I watched,while doing dishes, read the mail and folded laundry, “The house with the clock in the wall.” After I finished my housework. I sat down and finished watching the movie. Picking up the train of the movie with little effort. Today I turned on the TV, a habit. Claude Rains was in a movie “Four Daughters”. Then I went about starting my day. I had just made my coffee, when I remembered the scene I liked (yes I have seen the entire set of the “Four ….) and sat down to wait for the coffee. Then another scene and yet another scene, you get the idea. It seemed that all the scenes just drew me in, with emotion. Before I get beaten up in the comments.
One thing I think has improved is TV shows. If you watch a show from way back, they always have nice bow tied on the issue in 24 minutes or less. Now they have running issues, Gibbs got blown up? Well that is good for at least one whole season! It was also a running part of the theme. Back when Bud’s friend was found smoking… yep you guessed it. Bud got his friend to give up smoking in one episode. And it was never mentioned again! So I guess that while the movies spoon feed us our emotions the TV shows have become soap operas.
Well, shit I burned my morning toast, well at I have my coffee!!!