As summer ends

With Summer gone I think back on other Summers. Way before the pandemic. I had promised my son a trip to the water park. If you have ever promised a kid anything, you know once the idea was in his head there was no stopping him.

I REALLY needed to shave my legs before putting that swimsuit on. Rather than listen to the “What are you doing?!?” And “Come on already!!!” I decided that I would do a quick trip to the store and grab some Nair a couple of bottles of water and be on the road in less time that it would take him to realize we had stopped! Well, almost. I climbed back in the car and lathered up my legs. It itches a little and kind of burns, but no biggie. It said to let it work for about 20 minutes. Which is about how long it would take to get us to the water park.

After circling the parking lot we found a spot. I got out the water bottle and some Kleenex started wiping it off. I wiped and poured water on. I got the most awful rash! It still burned and I was out of water! Knowing that my son isn’t going to let me go back for ANY reason. I tried my best to just act like nothing was the matter. It was just bumpy and red. No open sores or anything but it did look like crap!

I am not a good swimmer. Ok, no I can’t swim. Peter was off like a shot. The wave pool, the water slide, some thing that looked like you were being flushed down a toilet. (And that is fun!?!) he was having fun and I even tried a few of the tamer rides. Like the lazy river. It’s a circle, water pushes you around like the tide would do. However, my legs were on display. Everyone who would pass me would pass and look at my legs. One lady was so blatant about it I said “it isn’t contagious.”. She took her inner tube and left. Summer memories but at least my son had a good time!