And 35 years later…

When I was younger and a lot more flexible I still had trouble riding horses. I actually rode pretty decently, what I couldn’t do was get up in the saddle. My brother Harvey worked it out that he would grab the back of my jeans, on the count of three he would pull me up to the saddle. Worked fine. Remember the title?

I was moving and had rented a U-haul truck. Thank you Peter! However my legs have not gotten any longer but the truck had really gotten higher!! In order to get in the truck I had to use a shower seat someone had just left. That took care of at least one piece of trouble today. I went to Peter’s ranch and had gotten the truck loaded. Because I was the only one insured I had to get back into that damn truck!!!

On about the fourth or fifth try Harvey came up and said “Try it again.” How ever the sweatpants I had on stretched more than the jeans of yesteryear! So with my efforts to get in he just pushed my butt and I made it into the truck!

Brothers what we do without them!?!?