And the angels sang!

Ok, all my prayer warriors!!!!!
It WORKED!! Settle in for the story.

I had been talking to a lady in the Burlington Housing Authority. I had a migraine when I was to meet her. I knew that She goes between Burlington and Cheyenne Wells. So I was expecting a call from her. Decided that if I got in the car and drove to Burlington. The closer of the towns. I had a 50/50 chance of getting to talk to her. So got in the car and started driving. Missed the turn off, oh well. There is another way to get there. My mind was running faster than my engine. What was going to happen? I couldn’t afford another week at the motel. (They have really been wonderful – but that is another story!) then I looked around to decide where I was. Whoops!!! How did I wind up in Wrey!?! Well, let’s go to the courthouse and see if they have a Housing Authority. Yes, they do!! Ok, but not in that building. Got directions. So off I go, Great!!

Now if any of you know the way I follow directions… Yep had to stop AGAIN, I stopped a couple of moms walking with kids. And AGAIN I stopped man in a work truck and AGAIN had to stop and asked the clerk at 7/11. Long story short?!?!?

I found what looked like an office (it had mailbox’s). Nice lady said that I had indeed reached the promised land!!!! The questions came out rapid fire. “Are you the Housing Authority? How long is your waiting list? Are you taking applications?” She endeared her self to me when she said “this is a senior faculty.” Ok, lighting wasn’t that good but anyway. When I assured her that yes my birth certificate says that I am definitely senior! She said that she was the Housing Authority. They are accepting applications.

AND THEN THE ANGELS SANG!! She was having trouble renting her “Studio apartment.” Last year or maybe even a couple of months ago I would have said “I don’t think that all my stuff would fit”. Living in a motel room has had an amazing effect on me!
I asked “Can I see it?” It doesn’t have a separate bedroom. But it does have the basics. Four walls, roof, small kitchen and the most important…. A BATHROOM!!!! So I filled out the paperwork. She has to call and run a background check. So keep those prayers coming!!! I don’t know of any reason it should be bad. I haven’t done anything… LATELY!!! Thank you ALL!! P.S. Anna they should be calling you. I know you don’t lie. But maybe just tell them the good stuff!! Huggs and Kiss to everyone!!