Which gray pickup?

Just another case of me getting in the wrong vehicle!!

Yet another saga of wth(?) in the life of Chris Moe. Two things to remember before we proceed
1) This was the first time I had driven my sons pickup.
2) My son had been to the ER just a couple of days before this happened.
I drove to town about, 40 miles, not far out here. I park my son’s truck, go in, get the meds and a few groceries. The nice clerk carries my food to the truck. Ok, you probably know where this is heading – but come along for the ride.
With the groceries in the front seat I feel a wet nose on my arm. I look back and see my son’s black lab. Ok, but I know she didn’t come with me so right away I think that Peter was back in the ER and they had to drop her with me.

I called him and asked why Esther was in the back of the truck? After several seconds of silence I hear “Mom, you need to go to the doctor. Esther is here!” I was busy playing with the dog but I begin to notice other things. Yep, you got it I was in the wrong pickup! It was a huge gray truck and it was unlocked. I thought I had unlocked it with the key chain. After several “Oh $h!t”s I gathered up the groceries and jumped from the seat. I looked back to see “Esther” looking at me with sad eyes.
I got in Peter’s truck and thought about just leaving. However the thought of some one seeing it, reporting and have police showing up at my door for attempting Grand Thief Auto. Wasn’t the way I wanted to spend the rest of my day.

I bit the bullet. I went to the service desk and asked for the driver of the pickup. I had seen his name on a letter as I was trying to grab my stuff and leave. A nice man came walking up to the counter. I tried to explain again that I really wasn’t trying to steal it.
The ladies behind the counter were laughing. One of them corrected the way I had said it. I said thanks. She said “I use to be one of them.”

After determining that I had gotten my groceries out. His next question was “Did my dog like you?” I told him that yes we had a great time playing. He said that he usually locks his pickup, but when the dog is with him she sets off the alarm so he just leaves it unlocked.
I left the store hearing laughs, it’s ok I would rather they laugh then be mad.
I called my son and told him what had happened, yep he laughed too! I saw the man coming out of the store I got out and showed him that it really was an honest mistake. He just waved and climbed into HIS pickup I rather sheepishly got in and noticed several differences. My son inherited my house(and car) keeping skills so it was messier and the seat was in a different position. Let me tell you that I am not very good at knowing car types or brands. For years when people would ask me what kind of car I drove I would tell them “A red (or whatever color) one”

Next time I will check the plates first!!!


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  1. LOVED this post and YES, we all have done that at one time or another! Hope you are doing well. Think of you a lot and wish I could have a cup of coffee with you. Just to sit and visit. Truly miss you! So many precious memories! Keep in touch and take good care of yourself! Love, Anna


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