Adulting Stinks

I guess even God needs a smile now and again!

As Adults we know life isn’t perfect. I have been shown just how imperfect it is. My friend passed away. Funny how short that sentence looks. It doesn’t take into account the tears, memories and just plain pain it brings.

I met my friend, Joey, when he fell in love with another friend of mine, Doris.
One night when he was only twenty years old he had managed to sneak into the local watering hole. Back in the day we all pretty much hung out at place called “Dimples” . After he and Doris met we would sneak him in the back way until he turned 21. About a month or so. We all thought we were being so clever. I think everybody knew but just didn’t call us on it.

Joey was the kind of guy that was “All In” for what ever came up. If it was home improvements, car repair (He was a mechanic) or partying. His smile was infectious. It ran from his lips to the tips of his toes and made it back up to shine from his eyes.

He really didn’t acknowledge any strangers, they were just friends he hadn’t met yet. I don’t remember what the festival was, “Oktoberfest” or “Taste of Colorado” or something downtown. We were all in a group and I remember Joey going up to a homeless man and just saying “Hey man, how’s it going?” Not out of pity. He would listen. Another short sentence that belittles the importance of the statement.

I remember once when we went to the cabin and I was trying to back up the van so that I could leave. Joey and one other guy were trying to give me signals as to get me back to the road. There were a lot of yelled directions. “Turn your wheel left!!” quickly followed by “NO CHRIS your OTHER left!” I have never been able to back up very well. I was almost in tears when I saw an arm reach in my window and take the wheel. He was standing on the running boards and did a better job steering than I had done. AND I was the one in the drivers seat! As I saw the tree that had narrowly avoided landing in my back window I realized how close I had come to being a decoration on the tree. His smile came back as his feet landed on the ground. “There you go!” No insults about my driving he just jumped in and did what needed done. Once done the smile was back.

I don’t know why or how he passed away I guess I will just have to be glad to have known him at all. Yep, it’s official…. ADULTING STINKS!!