Life in the poor lane!!

I don’t know how many of you receive money from the “government”. I am on disability so I get a little bit (microscopic) amount every month. This month I tried to pay rent by sending it via the wire transfer method. I sent it and even got a confirmation number. On Sunday, I did this. Today is Wednesday. After spending most of the morning on the phone, only to hear “We are experiencing a high amount of calls, please call back at a later date.” Do they give you the option of holding? NO THEY HANG UP ON YOUI!! When I finally got put on hold. It was to receive a man on the other end who tried and tried to convince me that they “Don’t do wire transfers anymore.” What has changed since Sunday?!? After repeating that I received a confirmation number. I was repeatedly told that they no longer do wire transfer. They took the money and gave me a confirmation number. The idiot on the other end says “well, they will put it back on your card” in TEN BUSINESS DAYS!!!” Really?? So when I become homeless I can live in your basement?? The other end of the phone was quite for a while. Once he started repeating that they no longer do wire transfers…. I hung up on him. I need VODKA!! Well I will have to settle for ice cream…. LOTS and LOTS of ice cream…. life in the poor lane!!!