The word prompt for today is AWKWARD!!

So let me just dive in. AWK usually the first sound I make in the morning, while having a good stretch. Well, that along with several curse words directed at various body parts that refuse to cooperate with my morning stretch. I have to admit that the list of body parts seems to be getting longer and longer.

WARD, to me it means going toward something. In my case it seems to be going down hill. What is at the bottom?? A nice quite grave. Just kidding but it does seem to be getting closer and closer! Just to think I reached the top of the mountain and never even knew it.

Talk about AWKARD. How would you feel about being stuffed in a chute with a probe being put in your nether regions??

OK, just in general I would like to know how they gauge awkwardness? I am currently in a house that is on a ranch in Colorado.

Not awkward enough? OK, well let’s what else we have

My son asked me if I would come and live with him on said ranch. Even my small income was better than none.

Hello steer goodbye bull! VERY Awkward.

Still not awkward?

My brother lives there too. So now there is three of us. On a ranch.

My brother the walrus!

Still you want more awkward?

My son decides to move back to Denver area. So now I am living with my brother.

STILL MORE you ask?


The peak of awkward is…  about 150 feet from the front door of our house is another house.

REALLY you want more awkward?

In the other house just across a small yard is the actual owner of the ranch.

Hold on to your socks….

The  owner of the ranch is my son’s father. So next time someone mentions awkward… ask them how they gauge it!

From City Girl to Country Woman…. 
Hoping that it brought as smile to you. If not that would be truly AWKWARD! 


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  1. Hope you are OK. If there is ANYTHING I can do, let me know.

    Love you, Anna



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