Killer Cleaning or Who invented gravity…

AND why do they hate me! All of my life I seem to be a victim of gravity. I remember even at a young age that Gravity had it out for me. I tried to ride on the handle bars of a neighbors bike. Well, gravity had other ideas. I was trying to sit still but gravity took my little ankle and stuck it through the spokes of said bike!

Yep, just one more example of GRAVITY working against me.

I know there are science documents that explain WHY we have gravity. Something about spiraling out into space and burning up to the Sun. REALLY out of all the ways that gravity is helpful why does it choose me to be the one victim.

I had a hip replaced a little over a month ago and have been very careful about not falling – yep you got it. This story is of a killer staircase and even worse killer cleaning.

I was told that there was a lot of shit (yes actually!). The cats it seems figured out a way around the door I had placed just to keep them out. I didn’t notice. The commercials right nose blind is a real thing.

I started down the staircase with cleaning supplies. Broom, mop, pine sol etc.. About two steps down I slipped. Falling down the rest of the stairs. The bottle of Pine Sol got squished on the way down. Now I am in pain, yep due to gravity. It couldn’t have been me being just plain stupid! I yelled at the tops of my lungs for my brother. I thought he was in his room, he wasn’t. The louder I screamed the more it hurt. The rest of the time I was sitting at the bottom of the stairs was passed in yelling at the top of my voice, screaming words I didn’t even know I knew.

I finally heard the back door. The screaming at least now had a point to focus on. He received it with more of a resigned manner than I would have thought. I think I did apologize to him later.. The first thing I let him get a word in was “How in the hell did you get down there!” Yep gravity AGAIN!!  then came the “we have to figure out how to get you up?”

Well, I assured him that the wet puddle was from the Pine Sol. Or at least I thought it was! So on my hands and knees I tried to crawl up the stairs. Gravity was not finished with me yet. Waging a heroic battle against GRAVITY, I crawled to a chair. Harvey had to hold the chair so that I could climb at least a little better than at the bottom of the stairs.

House keeping with have to wait until I figure out a way to get the better of GRAVITY, The doctor took X-rays and said that it was not as juggled about in there as I thought it was. I knew I kept that bag of peas in the freezer. Cold 20 mins ever hour.

2 thoughts on “Killer Cleaning or Who invented gravity…

  1. Did you really fall or just wanted to make me laugh this morning? If you fell, hope that you are doing OK and just get past the hurt of the bruising and the “pride”. Always happy to read your posts, just need to get you just to write to me. Want to be able to stay in touch with you.

    Love you, Anna



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