The thigh bone is connected to…

I hope this is the only BUTT you see from me!

The hip bone and the hip bone is connected to the BUTT bone. Or at least in my version they are!

For my dedicated readers…yep, the three of you! I sit with computer screen on and key board in lap to once again sprinkle the humor of my mistakes.

I recently had a hip replaced. I guess you know that because of the really bad heading of this post. You may also know that I live in a very rural part of Colorado. Tuck these facts away in your memory because I can tell you they come out later.

Sundays here mostly consist of watching TV, playing on the computer and just hanging out. OH, I forgot you can also go shopping in town. Well, from 11AM to 4PM. ANYWAY last Sunday I was watching TV, reruns of Mark Harmon… HUBBA HUBBA. I am old not dead! Back to the topic. I felt the urge to scratch my incision. The up side is that I was able to scratch it because the huge bandage was off and so I had a really good scratch and wondering exactly where it ended?

I think I might have added some movement to yoga class. The first one is “Dog trying to catch its tail” Yep,exactly what it sounds like. I was turning circle trying to see the end of my scar. I was worried it might show during bikini season. Mother nature took care of that before the surgeon got to it, trust me! I just wondered what it actually looked like. I danced in front of the mirror to no avail. My quick mind came up with a great alternative. TAKE A PICTURE!!

Now stick with me even if you know where this is going. My trusty phone/camera/PlayStation was whipped out and snapping away. Being the wonderful camera person I am only about 2 pictures came out showing my scar. As I was gazing at  my work of art, the thought struck me. I just wish it had struck me harder!! Let’s continue. Many  of my cousins have chosen the wonderful world of medicine. Not content with just me thinking it was a work of art, I sent it to one of my cousins (Name withheld because I want her to speak to me at the next family reunion!).

After several back and forth messages. I felt quite pleased with my handy work when I got a rather disturbing message from my son, Peter. OK, well I only have one son and he has to speak to me the next reunion. The message said “Healing nicely”. This caused several moments of panic. I didn’t send it to my son. I was sure that I must have sent it to the entire WORLD! OK, calm down for the moment. I remembered that I had a list of recipients labeled “family”. Both cousin and son are on that list. so is my brother.  I quickly called him and asked the generic question “have you gotten any email from me today”. I thought I asked it in a fairly nonsensical voice.

I thought he would just look at tell me if he had. No such luck! Did I tell you that the brother got most of the brains in the family? Well, he did. Once I explained my situation, and after he stopped laughing long enough to check his email. After some VERY long seconds, he verified that he hadn’t. After we hung up the phone… the conversation was me listening to him laughing. I can now join in to his laughter. I have no idea how my son got it, computer glitch!?!? I think for the sake of my sanity and the sake of the next family reunion, I will just go with the glitch idea!

The computer screen is connected the internet and the internet is connected to the eternity on the internet!! I think I will remember that for future reference! Who am I kidding? I will laugh and move on. The family bone is connected to sence of humor gene! I hope!!