No If, And or BUTT about it!

NO there will be NO pictures of my butt listed with this post. I have had some pretty insistent readers and they demanded that I share yet another pics from the sticks. So to appease my steadfast readers, yes both of you. I have yet another story.

I have spent the last couple of months getting healthy… ok healthier. I have some new teeth, still working on that one. Along the way to health I had a new hip. Yep, things don’t last like they use to! 60 years and I needed a MAJOR overhaul.

Moving on. I had a huge scar. This was the first time I had seen it with out the huge bandage. Sitting around one lazy Sunday afternoon. Trust me lazy has been my byword for most of this year! Sorry again I get sidetracked. I noticed that I couldn’t really see the scar from my vantage point. With my quick wit and a nearby cell phone. Yep, stay with me even when you can pretty much tell where this is going. I wish I had thought it thru more but I was BORED!!! Looking at what I thought was long enough, I chose to sent a picture to my cousin. Name withheld to protect the innocent…well just say I want her to speak to me next time I have a family reunion!

I do have son and my cousin in a group. That group also has other family members in it. I frantically went thru the list and found that my brother Les was on it. I don’t like to have everybody looking at my butt and I thought if he had gotten it, NOBODY would be talking to me at the next reunion!! When he stopped laughing long enough he opened his email. Several very LONG seconds passed. He said he hadn’t gotten it. Wonderful! Yes he was still laughing when we hung up. Still don’t know how Peter got it. I am going with a computer glitch!?!?

The one thing that it has taught me…. NEVER EVER be so board again!!

You want to look at a butt? Here you go!



One thought on “No If, And or BUTT about it!

  1. LOL Loved seeing your “butt”. Glad you’re posting again. Miss it when you’re NOT!

    Hope you are healing nicely and not having difficulties getting your strength back!

    Love you, my sweet friend!




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