Pedicure country style!

No, not a torture devise from the Renaissance Fair.  

This was the beginning of a spa day. Not for me. But for Candy. Just in case you don’t know Candy is the name of a Percheron horse. Johnny Moore Ranch has two Percheron horses. Gypsy is a mare and Candy is the smaller one.

Not sure that a chain under your butt is better than a soak in warm water and a massage. But, each to their own!

Yes you read that correctly. Candy is the smaller of the bunch. My knowledge of horses is getting better. Now a Percheron is a “Draft” breed. You might be familiar with the Clydesdale of beer fame. BUT there are several different breeds of draft horses.

She is such a good girl. She really tries to please.

She is standing so well. I understand them putting her in this because she is such a big animal and she hasn’t had her feet worked with before. I can just hear her thinking “OK, where are the carrots?” I know that when I go to a spa I expect wine!

20180627_080634 (1)
Yep, a butt shot. I don’t blame her for looking the other way!

Harvey worked for several years as a farrier – horseshoer. The one problem we are having is that she has such HUGE feet and she hasn’t been worked with so it is a learning curve for everybody!

Not sure I would be so brave. 

I wonder what color she will choose? How about Jungle Red? Nope my bet goes with Barnyard Brown!!