Me and My Noodle!!

OK, we all know that getting old SUCKS! OK, well if you are over 50ish you know this. I have decided that yes it stinks but sometimes we have to just update our environment.

I had found that with my hip I can’t seem to get in and out of the truck very well. SOOOOO I came up with the idea of a step stool. Great thinking, even if I say so myself. And of course I do.

Don’t judge… some day you might just have to do it yourself!

But when your brother takes the truck in to be serviced and he LEAVES the step stool in the truck, you have to get inventive.

I tried pulling on the steering wheel. I was afraid if I pulled to hard I would break the damn thing. So after getting to Yuma I thought I should be able to find a step stool at the hardware store. I did. But the price of almost 80 dollars was a little out of my budget. Once again I heaved myself into the truck, this time the steering wheel did give a little noise. I am now really scared. I don’t own the truck and don’t relish having to tell the guy that does own it that I broke his truck!

Then what to my wondering eyes should appear? A sign… no I mean a real sign. Dollar General. NOW that is in my budget! Sliding out once again, I ran into the store. Well, it was more of a limp and a gimp. But I made it in the store. I grabbed a cart, it usually helps me walk. I was ambling up and down the isles and found a step stool. It was still 25 dollars.

Thinking there had to be something in there I could use until my stool returned. I kept going. Amazingly enough the cart seemed to fill up on it’s very own. I found a little single step. OK, making progress. Now I need to find a way to pull the step in after me. It would defeat the purpose if I had to get out to retrieve the damn step. I tried a broom handle, nope the hole was too narrow. I tried a mop handle, still too wide. Reminds me of a nursery rhyme. Anyway I rather gave up on something that would stand up and started looking for a rope, or string or even just some yarn!!

Then the angels SANG. Just as I passed the “Summer Swimming” display. A POOL NOODLE! Yes, my hunt was over. It was squishy enough to fit in the slot. It then blossomed back out to hold the step so I could pull it up to the truck. Steven Hawkings has nothing on me!

OK, it looks rather rude. But it works!! ME AND MY NOODLE!

Cost of the step – $2.00

Cost of my noodle – $1.00

Posting it on my blog…. PRICELESS!

OK, remember when I said the cart just kept filling ITSELF up? The total of my shopping trip at the Dollar General cost just under $70.00. Not much cheaper than the hardware store step stool. Yes, I know I should have just gotten the $25.00 step stool and saved my self some money.

But where would the Phlyarology ( ) be in that?

Me and My (Shadow) NOODLE
Judy Garland
Shades of height are showing and I’m short
Standing on the ground feeling even shorter
Step stool is out for a while
I pass me up one by one
Guess I’ll wind up like I always do
With only
Me and my NOODLE!!
Strolling into the truck
Me and my Noodle
Just a web page to tell our troubles to!
And when it’s twelve o’clock
We climb the stair
We never knock over
For the steering wheel is there
Just me and my NOODLE
All alone and feeling Short
When the sun sets on the far horizon
And the parlor lamps begin to glow
Me and my NOODLE
Strolling down the avenue
Me and my NOODLE
Judy Garland eat your heart out! OK, it may not rhyme but the thought is there!
May you all be as tall as you need to be or at least as smart as you need to be!!