My (IN)famous cooking skills

I remember many years back I had a friend who told me that she boiled the potatoes and eggs together when she made potato salad. OK, now you know that this is going to be a disaster, right? It involves two things that I am rather bad with. 1 – Cooking and 2 – memories.

This morning it was cool enough I thought I would get a leg up on making some pasta salad later. The water sent up its steaming bubbles and the noodles had been dutifully place in the pot. Just that time the memory kicked in about Donna Brown’s unique way of boiling eggs.

Egg shells/pasta shells… right? wrong!”

One of the eggs cracked and I see the white evidence floating. OK, minor glitch. They call them egg noodles don’t they? When it dawned on me that I had no way of cooking the eggs for any specific time. Still a minor glitch. So the yokes will be a little gray, still eatable. Once I decided that the pasta was done (I like mine almost mushy!).

I carried the pot to the sink and poured the noodles and eggs into the strainer. THAT is when I heard the eggs clashing together. SHIT egg shells in the pasta!! After inspecting almost every pasta shell to make sure that any thing crunchy in the pasta was radishes. I found I have lost an egg!! I am giving up. FROZEN DINNER – works for me!! OH I had better get some radishes too, just in case my brother still wants to eat something I made!!