So does anybody else think that its weird… or just a lazy day on the ranch.

As I sit in a bedroom that has been converted into a mini office. I am thinking of all the cores I have to do. Most of them in the basement as it is raining (thank GOODNESS NOT SNOW!) but I just can’t seem to get motivated to hit the basement. I am on my second coffee. Pot not cup. Yet, still the urge to fling my self into the task(S) at hand are sadly lacking.

Motivation seems to be the great problem. What will motivate me to jump up run from my little hovel of an office and become the “Super Woman” I need to be. How about music? Can’t seem to get the darn google home set up. After the power outage it is pretty much worthless. So tuneless I will remain. I wonder if just going down stairs and seeing all that needs done will get me in the grove.

Well, not actually me looking into the basement but I can tell you I had a similar face!

Nope that didn’t help at ALL!!

OK, now how about more coffee?? Since I am jittery just on what I have has so far… not a good idea. Well, you know I have been meaning to sort out the show I have recorded on my Dish DVR. I think that needs to be done right away because you know that Mark Harmon will motivate me to get busy on the basement. A nod to the stars of NCIS! I wonder… once I get the basement cleaned out how about a boat!?!?