If I sound stupid just make me count to ten!

I know it was those Gremlins!

I have been known to sleep walk. In the past. Lately however I have seen several videos of people sleepwalking or waking from surgery. My sleep walking was brought out again with the medication Ambien. I love the little commercial blurbs “May cause eating or drinking with no memories of the event”

No I wasn’t sleep baking! The kitchen always looks like this after I bake! I do however remember some really crisp bacon once! 

I had a couple of issues that come to mind. When I first started taking Ambien, I was living on my own and one morning I woke up to have popcorn all over the place and several dishes laying broken on the floor.  I assumed that the gremlins had gotten in and after drinking the rest of my VODKA! Did I mention the bottle of Vodka was also emptied? Well, now you know. But I was a little scared with the amount of glass on the floor and no actual memories of it. I still blame it on the gremlins…

OK, when I was watching some videos on Facebook. Am I the only one who chooses which one to view by the time? Nothing over 2 mins. My brain just shuts down. OK, nothing NEW there! But the fad of taping people who are coming off of surgery drugs. (I feel quite like Hagrid here “No I can’t spell it!”) anistigia? Well, you get the drift. I am having yet another surgery on 5/7. ANYBODY who tapes me coming off of the drugs will be disavowed!! I have so many things floating in my brain that I don’t want anybody to know! OK, just thinking of things that even I might not even know. Remember driving down the mountain after “Little Bear” party? No but I was told I did. Maybe it might be better for all involved not to even allow cell phones in my recovery!

HOWEVER if you want any secrets I may know not to come out…. SEND MONEY! or Vodka!! Just kidding. I hope I will be more mature than the Mother-in-law dancing to “Thriller” or the teenager riding rhinos or even the wife admitting cheating on her husband!! I hope she was just drugged! Because boy was he PISSED!!

I send this all out to the masses of people who read my blog (both of you!). If you find someone sleep walking instead of letting them continue and taping for future blackmail. Do what my Mom use to do. Make me count or say the alphabet. Contrary to the popular notion that waking a sleep walker is hazardous (yep, spelled that right the first time!), it is the brain taking the body on a little detour. If you wake up the brain with something logical (THANK YOU MR. SPOCK!) so that the brain and the body get on the same frequency. The person will wake with no ill affects. I think I will print some of those up for my surgery “If I sound stupid just make me count to ten!”. I guess that is assuming that they can tell the difference between me and not me! OK, I watch way to much TV.